10 Interesting Facts about the Serenes Forest


Right now share about the Serenes Forest. The Serenes Forest is a huge country in northwest Begnion which was once home to the heron laguz before the Serence Masscre. We likewise share about the Serense Masscre right now. The Serenes Massacre kept going three days and just the sovereignty of the herons survived: Reyson, Refiel, Lilla and Lorazieh. It happened twenty years before fire Emblem: Path of Radiance starts.

During the slaughter, the backwoods itself was scorched, however was reestablished toward the finish of Chapter 17. When thought to be crafted by Ashnard when he despite everything was a ruler of Daein, the Massacre was uncovered to be crafted by the Begnion Senate in

a move to exterminate the heron laguz and was a major point of contention in the Laguz Begnion war in fire emblem: Radiant Dawn. It is uncovered close to the finish of a second playthrough of Radiant Dawn that it was the Serenes Massacre that was Sephiran’s primary inspiration for mentioning Ashera to condemn the world. Toward the finish of Radiant Dawn, the backwoods is examined as a potential future home of the United Bird Tribes under Tibran.

About Lehran

Lehran is an antiquated heron who was an ally to the integrity Ashera and a precursor of the Serenes royals.

About Refiel

The slight yet solid willd first ruler of Srenes. Raphael Sirenus is the beautiful and powerful first prince of the forest.

About Serenes Massacre

The heron on Oliver mansion. He took my hand aside when i gave my hand to him for help. He has such hatred n his eyes. he spoke“actually responsible. 

Background of Serenes Forest

The disclosure would cause fiasco for their lessons, and most beorc at the time detested Branded, and regarded them as they did Laguz. When Misha was killed, the residents promptly went into despair. The Senate accused the laguz of the Heron clan. This allegation was bogus on the grounds that the herons have no battling aptitudes and want to live in harmony.


The Serenes Masscre was the main reason the Laguz declared war on the Begnion Empire

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