In this article we share about the Serenes Forest. The Serenes Forest is a large nation in northwest Begnion which was once home to the heron laguz before the Serence Masscre. We also share about the Serense Masscre in this article. The Serenes Massacre lasted three days and only the royalty of the herons survived: Reyson, Refiel, Lilla and Lorazieh. It happened twenty years before fire Emblem: Path of Radiance begins.

During the massacre, the forest itself was burned, but was restored at the end of Chapter 17. Once thought to be the work of Ashnard when he still was a prince of Daein, the Massacre was revealed to be the work of the Begnion Senate in a move to exterminate the heron laguz and was a major point of contention in the Laguz Begnion war in fire emblem: Radiant Dawn. It is revealed near the end of a second playthrough of Radiant Dawn that it was the Serenes Massacre that was Sephiran’s main motivation for requesting Ashera to pass judgement on the world. At the end of Radiant Dawn, the forest is discussed as a possible future home of the United Bird Tribes under Tibran.

About Lehran

Lehran is an ancient heron who was a companion to the goodness Ashera and an ancestor of the Serenes royals.

About Refiel

The frail but strong willd first prince of Srenes. Refiel is the first prince of Serenes Forest.

About Serenes Massacre

The heron on Oliver mansion. He slapped my hand away when I tried to help him. He has such hatred n his eyes. When he leapt from the window, he spoke to me. “actually responsible. 

Background of Serenes Forest

The revelation would cause disaster for their teachings, and most beorc at the time hated Branded, and treated them as they did Laguz. When Misha was assassinated, the citizens immediately went into despair. The Senate placed the blame on the laguz of the Heron tribe. This accusation was false because the herons have no fighting skills and prefer to live in peace.


The Serenes Masscre was the main reason the Laguz declared war on the Begnion Empire

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