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ACNL (Animal Crossing New Leaf) is a game that resembles The Sims. You reenact the consistently life and occupants in the neighboring houses around you. You sell things for cash and afterward spend that cash on new furnishings, backdrop, floors and new fence for your home and even garments and adornments for your own character. This game is unprecedented in light of the fact that it uses an authentic clock structure. Exactly when you start your game, you coordinate your authentic time with the game’s time and from that, you can experience a real day/night cycle. For sure, even the stores and market opens at the specific time. The game beginnings by setting up your profile


Hair Style MeterAnswerMaleFemale








Want to tidy…

On purpose!









All the time




Private Life!



Doesn’t matterRandom Style

Shampoodle’s (hair salon):

It is a hair salon. You can converse with Harriet the poodle at Shampoodle’s. She can change haircut, hair concealing, and eye concealing as you like. She can in like manner change your research one of the Miis that you have made in Mii Maker.

How to Unlock Shampoodle’s:

You need to open kicks to open shampoodle’s. For that, you need to spend at any rate 8000 chimes in the Able Sisters’ shop. Dismisses will perhaps open on the from chance that it has been ten days since your town was made. They burn through 10,000 chimes in Able Sisters’ or Kicks. Shampoodle’s will open subsequent to opening of kicks. It will open on the second story of the Able Sisters’ structure.

How to Change Your Hairstyle:

For advancing haircut, Harriet will chat with you and you have to pay her. You have to sit in styling seat and Harriet will solicit you a couple from requests. Your answers pick the hair style that you will get from her. A framework appears to the screen demonstrating hair styles that you can get for your character. You can simply transform one hair style in a day.

The most effective method to Change your Hair Color:

You can similarly change your hair concealing while simultaneously changing your haircut. Harriet similarly moves toward requests concerning your optimal concealing for hair. There are sixteen potential hair tints that you can get for your hair. They are apportioned into three essential arrangements: Natural, Intense and Bright.

Hair Color MeterNaturalIntenseBright
Burning Love
Sweet Love
Clear Sky
Deep Sea
Angel Wings
Five (Male)
Five (Female)
Six (Male)
Six (Female)

Getting Opposite Gender Hairstyles:

Harriet likewise offers you to get a contrary sexual orientation hairdo after she changes your haircut multiple times.

Messy Hairstyles:

Your character will naturally get a ‘chaotic’ hairdo on the off chance that you don’t play the game for fifteen days. Regardless, don’t pressure, you can get your hair style fixed or recuperate another haircut by going to Shampoodle’s. it will require some investment for your hair to get jumbled if you have a Beautiful Town Ordinance set up.


Harriet can likewise do cosmetics. You can get any of your Miis to look that you have saved in Mii Maker. It will cost 3000 ringers for your cosmetics.

Harriet makes a shroud that correctly looks like your Mii. You can put on or expel that cover at whatever point.

Your Mii Masks will be underneath your extraordinarily creates, which you can access by tapping the pencil tab on the touch screen.

Tap a Mii Mask to put it on. Tap “Mii” to take it off.You can in like manner take your Mii Mask off by opening your stock, tapping your individual, and picking “oust top”. The Mii Mask will moreover thusly be removed if you put on a decoration or another top.

Eye shading:

If it has been fourteen days since you have changed your first hair style with Harriet, you can approach Harriet for concealing contacts. Same as you get your hair style and hair concealing, Harriet will present relatively few requests related the concealing connects with you need and you get it. There are six potential eye hues.

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