Do you want to relax on a luxury powered charter yacht? You can enjoy gourmet food and world-class service that would make even royalty jealous. Consider a yacht charter Miami vacation. You can enjoy all the amenities, services, and activities of your private yacht without having to pay for the upkeep costs. Read more now on yacht sales mallorca

Charter Yachts: Types and Prices

Miami is home to literally hundreds of charter yachts. There are many different types of yachts available for charter in Miami, including power yachts, VIP yachts, wedding charters and luxury motor yachts. A yacht charter can be a fantastic alternative to hotels, whether it’s for an evening cocktail cruise and dinner or two weeks of exploring nearby islands and key. You can stay at a different island or bay every day, cruise at your pace, and relax with your captain in the sun. All this is possible without needing to pack your suitcases again, or drive to the next destination.

Crewed Charter Yachts

Yacht charter Miami offers a wide range of fully crewed charters. These yachts have a professional, well-trained, and experienced crew. These yachts offer privacy and security for your travel or dinner needs. The chefs of these luxury yacht charters prepare gourmet meals that are beautifully plated, and then served on your private yacht deck during your VIP event, wedding, or after an exciting day of water sports on the beautiful azure waters of Florida.

Water Sports Activities

Florida’s coast and bays are home to a wide range of water sports. These yachts offer all the necessary equipment and crew for you to enjoy water sports such as diving, swimming or wind-surfing. They also provide deep sea fishing gear, kayaks, snorkeling, wave-riding, water skiing, and more.

Planning Your Yacht Charter Miami

It is essential to plan ahead before booking a Miami charter yacht. It is important to plan ahead. You need to decide on the type of yacht you would like to charter, when you will travel or host your event, who you will invite, and which activities you’d enjoy. The charter company can then customize the yacht charter according to your requirements.

Many yacht charter companies are listed online. They have well-designed websites with a library of video yacht photos and floor plans. There are also specifications, list of equipment and a video library. Resumes of the captain and crew should be made available. The majority of charter companies offer an all-inclusive rate which includes all food, drinks and activities offered aboard. The bigger luxury yachts work on a cost plus all expenses model. This allows for more flexibility in the creation of the itinerary, the activities and the meals. The captain may call you ahead to introduce himself and ask about any special dietary requirements. He will then meet you personally at the airport and take you to your luxury yacht.

If you are considering a Miami yacht charter, ask a friend or colleague who has recently chartered a luxurious yacht for references. It should be a memorable trip and perhaps a once-in-a lifetime experience. Make sure you plan and research every detail.

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