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The Decatur Daily is an independent and locally owned newspaper. It is five days a week newspaper serving Decatur, Alabama and the Tennessee Valley in the North Alabama area of the United States. This newspaper has an average daily circulation of 20,000 plus as of September 30, 2006. Its Sunday circulation is about 23000 plus. It is one of the two families owned daily newspaper remaining Alabama along with Anniston Star.

First Publication and ‘The Albany-Decatur Daily'

This Newspaper was first published on February 26, 1912. Under the banners of “The Decatur Daily,” it served the towns of Decatur and New Decatur. It has played a major role in the economic and community development of the Tennessee Valley for over 100 years. In 1916, when Albany was declared the new name of New Decatur, the paper was also called ‘The Albany-Decatur Daily’ newspaper. In 1927, the two towns were consolidated, and it’s got it the present title ‘The Decatur Daily’.

First and Current Publishers of The Decatur Daily

The Tennessee Valley Printing Co., Inc., that was formed in 1911 published this newspaper. The first publisher and the primary owner of the newspaper was William R. served in full capacity until his death in 1924. He was then succeeded by his own son Barrett C. Shelton. Sr. Barrett C. Shelton Jr. Has been publishing this newspaper since 1984. Barrett C. “Clint” Shelton is the GM in this newspaper firm.

Times Daily Newspaper

The Tennessee Valley Printing Company purchased the Times Daily newspaper in Florence, Alabama, on April 1, 2009. They purchased it from the New York Times Regional News Group. ‘The Decatur Daily’ stopped printing editions on Saturdays and Mondays in 2018, while facing challenges from the switch to digital media and sharp increases in newsprint costs. This was due to a tariff imposed on Canadian newsprint.

The Decatur Daily Democrat and The Decatur Daily Obituaries

The Decatur Daily is not only a newspaper that publishes the daily news. This newspaper is printed on a broadsheet, it includes different regional information. Decatur daily has different information about the Decatur Democrats, Decatur Obituaries and the Decatur Obits. It publishes different advertisements on the paper.
One of the amazing things about ‘The Decatur Daily’ is it receives publishing demands from the people Decatur. Decatur Democrat is about the daily news of people that includes different information. Sometimes, about a person who is charged with drug charges or other time when someone is facing the other charges. In the Decatur Daily Obituaries, it includes all the information about deaths and funeral halls.

Best for the people of Decatur

You can contact ‘The Decatur Daily’ from their official website. It is an amazing newspaper for the people of Decatur. If you are from Decatur, Tennessee Valley, this newspaper can be very useful for you. You can also publish your own stories with the help of this newspaper. Overall, this is one of the best newspapers in town.

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