Also known as Eyelid Surgery Portland or double fold eyelid surgery in Asia, this specialized type of Asian surgery creates a clear break between the upper and lower eyelids. By improving your eyelids and complementing the natural features of you, the surgery aims to enhance definition in the eyes.

The great variety in eyelids means that not every one has the double fold. It can be thought of as the crease above the eyelid. Men and women both prefer this crease because it gives the lid definition. The crease also helps you apply makeup and can be used to alter your daily look or enhance your appearance.

Asian eyes are both often double-folded and sometimes not. An experienced surgeon can use a low crease to produce a clearly defined upper eyelidfold. A skilled surgeon will create the crease and remove a tiny amount of the upper eyelid skin. They then tension the skin and the muscles. Apart from the new upper eyelid crease, most of the eyelids look the same.

To achieve an appearance that looks natural, it is important to place the fold in the right spot. Placement of folds on the eyelids should be symmetrical and precise. The natural eyelids should be left as intact as possible. Non-specialists may have disappointing results if they follow the instructions in some books to make this crease high. Or, sometimes the surgeon is not experienced or has no specialization for Asian double fold surgery. A highly-experienced surgeon, who is familiar with the complexities of the procedure and can personalize the results for each individual eye is the best choice to achieve a more natural result. Your surgeon will use a conservative technique to compliment your eyelid definition instead of changing the general look of the eyes.

The best way to achieve the double eyelid fold is to consult with an expert oculoplastic surgery. Two methods are used to make this fold: one, the above-described surgery; and another is temporary stitching using sutures. Nevertheless, the threads will not last and they eventually break. If you want a look that is more refined, and has a longer-lasting improvement, double fold surgery may be the way to go. This procedure should retain the Asian eyelid features that vary among individuals. As unique as your eyes are, a successful procedure must be customized to you.

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