Here we share about the Einthusan. Einthusan is an online website that provides you movies and TV series. The best part about this website is that the movies are available in different languages like Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Bengali, Kannada and many more options.

Einthusan is Legal

Within a short period of time, Einthusan has acquired legal licensed of more than 5000 movies. This also helped Einthusan to win over the copyright and other legal trouble which used to create problem in their growth.

How to Watch Einthusan through VPN?

One important point to remember is to watch the Einthusan always through VPN. It does not matter whether it is legal or not, you can access the website anywhere or anytime with the VPN.
All you need is to enable strong VPN connection to your device and set the location of which the Einthusan is not blocked. Just use the VPN device and then you can watch all the movie and TV series for free.

About Einthusan

Einthusan is a South Asian Movie Streaming website that provides movies like Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and many more. It provide the streaming of full movies in all the languages.
Some say Einthusan is 100% fake site and the content is being stolen and put up on the website and said that even new hit releases are shown on the website in a month and some movies that released not in a month ago and is not available on Netflix or even amazon prime is available for free on Einthusan. But these are 100 percent official website in india. 
According to some people seeing a movie on this website is very torturous ride as the experience of watching it is not all fun. Here we share the example of peoples that what people want to watch in these websites any movie on Einthusan. People also say that website like Einthusan and that is totally fake and a waste of time, These website publisher waste the time to make the website this they are unable to make high profits, people watch movies on these sites only. One should only watch movies that belong to legal sites or apps only like Amazon Prime or even Netflix as on that every movie or series us genuine and legal.

Premium Option on Einthusan

If you want premium version and watch full HD movies then you can pay the money and buy the membership card.
But if you want premium watch ads that are mostly popup and generally for 30 seconds at maximum. 
You have also another option. You can also add extension, ad blocker which enables the option to block the ads appearing in the video. Without premium membership, if you want to attach it to your smart TV or chrome cast there is a disadvantage. That you have a first download the movie shift it to your pen drive and then attach your pen drive to your TV or PlayStation.
If any movie is not available, you can go to contact page and write email that you want them to add a particular movie or another way is to join the Facebook group and post of message them you want to certain movie to be added.

Top Alternative of Einthusan

Here we share the top alternative einthusan websites. You can see the videos and movies in this websites.


YouTube is the world largest platform where every day millions of videos are shared. A significant amount of internet data is occupied with YouTube.


Same of  Einthusan Tamil and Hindi Movies collection, Hotstar is strong website of movies.  This website change the way of watch the movies and series.
Amazon Prime
Amazon prime is developed by the Amazon which again provides you best movies and TV shows just like Einthusan. For Amazon prime, you need to have a membership of Amazon.
Alongside, Amazon prime also provides shopping benefits. You can watch latest Tamil and Telugu movies, videos and tv shows using Amazon Prime. This is the top Alternative einthusan website.

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