It is well-known that gold and other precious metals are good investments against inflation. Unfortunately, most Americans lack the financial resources to buy them. Read more now on best gold IRA company

You can transfer to a Gold IRA or do a 401k-rollover if you are one of those people. If you are considering a Gold IRA, it is because the current 401K account does not permit physical metals. Gold IRAs provide the easiest way to acquire physical precious metals.

Exchange Traded Funds or ETFs allow investors to buy precious metals at a discount. ETF share prices are derivatives based on current precious metal values. Gold and silver are not actually owned by ETF shares. You will be able to enjoy the intrinsic value of gold and silver today, and for years into the future.

You could, for example, have rolled $10,000 into a Gold IRA if you were able to in 1970. Gold IRAs are worth around $530,000 today, after wars and terrorist attacks and oil shocks and political unrest, as well as other negative factors.

It is likely that the price of gold, and all other metals in general will increase for many years to come as the US Dollar continues to be devalued by our government and the demand from emerging countries to have more precious materials to use as central bank diversification or infrastructure construction. A wise investment would be to buy gold. Investing in silver is equally wise. Not only is it important to have precious metals on your person, but also a Gold 401K. This will make you feel more secure than just holding shares of mutual funds that invests in gold and/or silver bullion. Look into converting your 401K to a Gold IRA in order to secure your financial future as well as the future of those you love.

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