Here we share about the Night core. He starting for the music. Night core is a name of electronic music. Night core share the music. Some times night core share the romantic and rock songs. This is very good music band. 

Night core is remix track. Night core pitch and times its source material is 10 to 30 percent. Night core choose the name by norwegin duo. Norwegin share the best songs like euro dance and trace. But now he share the another songs like very fast speed songs. These are romantic and rock songs.


Album of Nightcore 2002

In 2002 music was very speed and pitch. Now a days music is not speed up. Thee are eurodance songs and trance. Its definition is with out dance by the remix style become popular in 2002. The Night core published in 2002. The name of this night core introduced by  Nilson and Steffen Ojala Soderholm, known by their stage name as DJ TNT and DJ SOS respectively. The name Nightcore means we are the core of the night, so you will dance all night long, stated in their website named Nightcore is Hardcore. The two were influenced by pitch shifted vocals in German group Scooter’s hardcore songs Nessaja and Rampl, stating in an interview that there were so few of these kinds of picture, we thin this mixing music in our style would be a beautiful  for us to listen to and Nightcore has become a good music, its make the music happier- happy hardcore as the say. Nightcore are the core of the night.


Nightcore Album 2003

Nightcore works started appearing on services such as LimeWire in mid-2003, and in 2006. First nightcore track published on the site was Dam by the duo. Only two of the project albums have surfaced on the Internet. One of the first people to distribute nightcore music on was a user going by the name Maikel, starting in 2008. He first uploaded around 30 original tracks by Nightcore on the websites. In 2009 he published the new music. These are the new and best musics. You can sing the best songs of night core.

Biography of Nightcore

In their online biography the duo explained: We mix dance music into faster and more happier sounds for your listening pleasure. They also explained their DJ name. Our name, Nightcore, means that we are the core of the night, so you will dance all night long. Others hand the  Nightcore style is similar to an existing genre, happy hardcore, with the core song commonly used to designate music songs.

Although Nightcore only distributed their tracks via CD, listeners uploaded them to the file sharing service Limewire as well as the YouTube. Some user began uploading their own edits and labeling them as nightcore. These tracks published in the 2000s, nightcore come to refer to the sound as much as to the original DJs. Although the edits was of dance tracks, eventually other songs received nightcore edits. Some more hardcore nightcore fans consider speed up rock and pop songs fake nightcore.

It is origins are hard to find, but the first nightcore song in an album is titled Dam Dadi Doo made by duet in 2006.  Basically this dedicated trance fans usually call it happy hardcore to indicate its similar but different nature. Night core is characterized by a speed up melody, fast rhythmic beat and higher than normal pitch. Almost all nightcore music are original songs nightcored by nightcore fans.

Views of Nightcore

As of 2017, there were over 19.000.000 hits for the search term nightcore on YouTube, some of which have tens of millions of views. Many of the videos, images of female anime or manga characters, leading to jokes that some people play the videos for their imagery more so than their music.

Best Night core songs lists

Angle of Darkness

Anima Libera



Around the World

This Little Girl


Heart Attack


Because the Night

Like a Vampire

Forever Gamer

Bad Boy



Tell me Why


Crazy Baby



I Walk Alone

What is Nightcore?

Nightcore is an artist. It is composed of two boys from Alta Norway, Thomas S Nilsen and Steffen Ojala.

What is Nightcore Music?

Nightcore music and songs are very best. My girl, I walk alone, Crazy Baby and more songs are best.

What is the opposite of nightcore?

Anti Nightcore is the opposite of the nightcore. Instead of a upbeat speed song it’s a low slow one.

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