Here we share about the Red Cedar Message Board. RCMB stand for Red Cedar Message Board. MGoReader GameBoy discovered a thread on the Red Cedar Message Board where the denizens of the afore mentioned troll kingdom were given the opportunity to ask a Wolverina some question. Some are good questions, some are well we are talking about the kind of wretches who hoot at the cleverness of adding sc to UM because then it is like they are saying algae instead of the university of Michigan.

Algae gross?

They are not great question, consider the source, but since it is rivalry week are decided we might as well try to give some full answer. MGoStaff were invited to answer what they pleased. The names and mangling of our common language have not been changed, because nobody here is innocent.

The Red Cedar Message Board Survey

Here we share about the survey of RCMB. We ask about the Red Cedar for people then people tell about the Red Cedar.

Is Wilton Speight Good?

This question we ask the people. Ask again later. We have got two good games and a handle of various of iffy. My guess is he started taking hits and lost his mechanics but used the bye week to shore some of that back up. Harbaugh has an extraordinary track record with quarterbacks so he will get what he can out of Speight, which is probably a poor man’s Ben Roethlisberger when all said and done. Sophomore year Navarre is a present comparison, or for a Spartan example, Ryan Van Dyke. You can win with those guys, but you don’t win because of those guys.

Will your punter wear Stickum?

Seth said that hard to tell, we rarely punt anymore. After the Jump, we take some of these seriously.

Using the Message Board: Samish Island Sesshin

Write the name of the person on one side of the note, message inside. There are message boards in the inbox. Please do not message to other person. Think about the message whether it is really necessary. Little bit waiting if you are not sure. If you are sure then you  sign in your note clearly.

The Sesshin Leaders do:

Retreat Manager: Overall food issues, assignments, having to leave the camp not sure issues with food, issues about the physical space.

INO Manager:  Issues about practice and life. For temporary schedule changes use the checkout book instead.

Michigan State Football in game fan rants and raves Pre Game

Run Little Gaints (RCMB): Another reason to love night games. Watch this game finish after midnight.

Rule Spartannia (Red Cedar Message Board):  Looks like I will be up to see the dawn. Enough with the night gams already.

Treading Cedar 17 (Red Cedar Message Board): Some things are unavoidable. I do not understand the anti-night game crowed? Night game show that we are a respectable team.

First Quarter

Shockuar (RCMB): Alright, good start. Get ready for the revolutionary Dace warner offense.

Lucious Allen(Red Cedar Message Board): Turnovers will be a killer. We saw what happens when you turn the ball over last week

Angry Nate FTW (RCMB): The players said this game is not as bad as the Michigan game. You sure guys? 

Second Quarter

Mike Stoutenburg (RCMB): Can not complain about the scoreboard but let’s hope the guys get a better grip on the ball.

Adam (Red cedar Message Board): LJ has his patience back. Was always so good at waiting for the play to develop, but less so last year and his year.


Ttimeizku (Red cedar message board): Just ask Clemson, Washington and Auburn if they would have taken an ugly win like ours this week.

Gvsparty (Red cedar message board): I am absolutely thrilled that we pulled out the win against Minny. But getting the W does not erase the issues our team has both players and coaches.

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