In San Francisco, IV therapy (intravenous) is gaining in popularity as a way to prevent and treat various illnesses. When we are faced with low energy, rising stress levels, pollutants in the environment, poor diets or soils depleted of nutrients as well as chronic health problems, IV therapy provides a way to restore nutrition and improve health. You can see my iv doctors for more information.

What is IV Therapy?

It is an intravenous infusion that delivers vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants directly into the body. As the digestion system is bypassed, the nutrients can be delivered in higher concentrations. These nutrients can then be used to help increase energy levels, improve metabolism, assist detoxification processes, or support repair and recovery of the human body. San Francisco’s greatest IV therapy benefit is that it has therapeutic benefits beyond those of oral supplements.
You can benefit from IV Vitamin Therapy for the following:

* Adrenal Fatigue

Stress and Burnout

* Sports preparation and recovery

Chronic fatigue

* Viral/bacterial colds, viral/bacterial illnesses

* Detoxification



* Anti-aging

* Parkinson’s disease

* Migraines & tension headaches

* Macular degeneration

* Fibromyalgia


Chronic Disease

The Cancer

* Allergies


* Muscle spasms – chronic or acute
Benefits IV Vitamin Therapy includes:

1. Customized treatments that work for a variety of ailments

Naturopathic doctors are well-trained and certified to prescribe IV therapy that addresses nutritional deficiencies and the treatment goals of every patient.

2. Fast and effective

Most medication, including supplements and vitamins, is taken orally. They pass through digestion. It’s a lengthy process and completely dependent on optimal digestion. (This is uncommon these days) This reduces the effectiveness and availability of nutrients. When you receive IV therapy, the vitamins can enter your cells and start working immediately.

You will feel the effects of IV nutrients almost instantly. With the IV nutrition, you should feel better within hours.

3. Do not take your medication

Customized IV Therapy allows you to reduce your supplements, saving money over time while eliminating the need for pills.

4. Safe alternative

San Francisco Naturopathic doctors that administer IV Therapy must have a license separate from their regular licensing. The license must be maintained by regular training.

Regulatory organizations in Alberta ensure NDs possess the training necessary to provide the safest and most effective therapies. There is no doubt that naturopathic doctors are experts in this field.

In the clinic, doctors and patients will go over what to anticipate, as well as safety.

5. Preventative Therapy

Modern medicine focuses on disease treatment, often ignoring prevention. San Francisco IV Vitamin Therapy (Naturopathic Medicine) is focused on prevention.

Research has shown that higher doses of certain vitamins and minerals can have a healing effect in some situations, including fighting cancer cells. We also know from research that higher amounts of minerals and vitamins can help fight cancer.