Florence Vanida Faivre, the French-Thai actress, and model were born on 8 June 1983. She began her career by hosting a TV show in Thailand and then later got into modeling and acting. She made her film debut in 2004. She moved to the United States and is now based there.

Her Early Life

Her father was French and her mother was Thai. She was born in Bangkok and grew up in France. Her family moved to Thailand when she was only eight.

Florence Faivre Career

She started her career as a host when she was thirteen through two shows; teen talk and E for teen. At fourteen, she started modeling. She was beautiful, confident, and extremely talented which gushed out of her even at the tender age.
After graduating from high school, Florence got her first role for her debut movie ‘The Siam Renaissance’. That movie was a massive hit. She got nominated for best actress and won awards for her acting.
After moving to New York, she only concentrated on modeling for some time. She made a guest appearance. In several TV shows. But her major role landed through a science fiction thriller, The Expanse. It has 3 seasons, in which Florence had a major role in season 1 and 2. In season 3, she just made a guest appearance.
John Anderson praised her performance in movies and said that she has a promising career, not because of her beauty but she has the ability to navigate her role and character. Faivre guest-appeared in other shows such as ‘how to make it in America’ and ‘the following’.
She played the character of Julie Mao in ‘The Expanse’ who was a smart rebellious woman from a wealthy family who chooses a principled life of hardships and become involved in political activities.

Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.Then, Florence Vanida Faivre appeared in the fifth season of agents of shield. She gained a lot of fame from that character. In the fifth season of Agents of shields, she portrays the character of ‘Sinara’. She plays the character of a girl who is a kick-ass warrior taking down all her enemies with a duo of metal balls. Sinara is considered as one of the best parts of the current season by fans. The makeup gives a great look, and Faivre’s acting really sells the part of Kree badass.
Florence Faivre was starred in different movies like Chok-Dee, The Elephant King, The Coffin, Giver Taker Heartbreaker.

Florence Faivre

Some Fun Facts about her:

1 – Florence is 35 years old.
2 – Her birth sign is Gemini.
3 – She stands at the height of 5’8½” (1.74 m)
4 – Her hair color is dark brown.
5 – Her eye color is brown.
6 – Her birth name is Florence Vanida Faivre.
7 – Faivre loves animals. She owns a dog named Barnaby. She is very fond of him and often uploads picture and videos of her dog on Instagram.
8 – Faivre enjoys traveling and loves to spend time with her friends and family.
9 – Florence is a private person and does not share much about her personal life. She does not want anyone to invade her private life.
10 – Her net worth in thousand dollars. She makes around $70k-$80k through her appearance in movies. And more than $21.28 per hour from her modeling projects.
11 – She was so fond of cars and likes them a lot.
12 – She knows French and English, can speak both languages fluently.
13 – She was offered for the role in ‘The Siam Renaissance’ when she was in the final year of her high school.

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