If you install hardwood flooring correctly, it can dramatically change the appearance of your house or office. You can choose hardwood flooring to suit any style, from rustic to elegant. The installation of a wood floor doesn’t require rocket science. However, if it’s done wrong, you can end up with disastrous consequences. For this reason, you should hire professionals to install hardwood floors in Bothell WA. Take a look below at how professional wood floor installers operate to get a good idea. You can find out more with flooring bothell on this site.

A professional will do this first. It exposes the hardwood to oxygen. It allows wood to deflate and contract as it adjusts to new surroundings. You must do this before installing. Your professional installer will also level and acclimatize the wood where it is going to be installed.

Prepare the room, or prepare an area for hardwood installation. Your installer can explain what you need to do. For example, you may have to remove furniture from the space and ensure the environment is controlled with a humidity level between 45 percent and 65 percent. The baseboards or molding will also need to be removed temporarily in order to install your new floors.

The old flooring must be removed to allow for the installation of your new hardwood floors. If you decide to remove the old floor and replace it, your installer will give you advice on how best to proceed. If they recommend removal, then you will be guided on how and when to do so.

If you remove your old floor, the installer will adjust the subfloor so that it can support your new hardwood.

Door clearance: When installing hardwood floors, your professional installer will make sure that the door is not blocking any of the flooring. It may be necessary to remove them temporarily to create space for new flooring.

The flooring technician will clean and remove the waste after the new flooring is installed.

Consider professional hardwood flooring as a great investment. Your old dull room will look completely different when it is finished. You should do research on a hardwood contractor who is experienced in the industry.

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